March 21, 2012

Cheap & cheerful

Yet another spring post! As I keep stressing, I cannot get enough of the colours in stores at the moment. I was in Liverpool last week and visited their HUGE Primarni. I thought Lakeside's one was big, but the one in Liverpool is massive! It was also tidy and organised -bonus! There were loads of different pastel coloured blazers/clothes in store and I decided to purchase this blazer, as I already have a mint coloured one.

The fit isn't amazing, but what can you expect from Primark and £16 (I think). I love the colour, it's an instant pick me up and goes well with the beautiful weather that we have been having lately.

Oh and that is my HRH collection Ombré bracelet you spy ;)


LovelyMissMakeup said...

ahhh I love that blazer!!

Sarah Williams said...

Omg primark! I want! x

Lauren said...

Cute pink blazer ! I can never find anything like that in the primark where I live :(