February 24, 2012

Sharm El Sheikh

 Some pictures from Egypt! My boyfriend and I visited Sharm El Sheikh just before Valentine's day. It's a beautiful place, filled with people who are always keen to please. We stayed for a week, and was told that usually the weather is "red hot" but we were unlucky and didn't get to experience the amazing weather. The weather was still better than snowing London though. It was warm, but in the nights it became quite windy and chilly (still warm enough to sunbathe and get a little tan)!


Note: I have edited the layout of my blog a little, not major changes, but I think it looks nicer this way! I am welcoming any requests of blog posts you want to see - I have a link on the side to let me know! I want to blog more, but I am stuck on what to blog about so please give me some ideas! :)

February 15, 2012

My Valentine's day in pictures

Valentine's day is also mine and my boyfriend's four year anniversary. We went to see The Vow at the cinema, then dinner at Nobu, London.

There has been a lot of people slating the idea of Valentine's day, saying how it is overrated and an expensive day where other halves are forced to buy overpriced gifts, and how they we are meant to show their love everyday anyway. In my opinion, yes Valentine's day is overrated but I think it's a sweet day where couples are able to do nice things for each other. As Valentine's is also our anniversary, it is an extra special date for us. It was so sweet seeing grown men buying roses for their significant others when they finished work!

Anyway, the film was good especially because it was based on a true story! Nobu was also lovely, but pricey!

Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for a lovely day. <3