December 31, 2011

Zara plaited shopper

I have been eyeing this baby up for a while, and I finally got one for Christmas! It is really big, but the leather and the shape is beautiful! It is, however, quite heavy on the arm (if you hold it like I am in the pic) -luckily it comes with a longer strap which you can throw over your shoulder!

The slightly bad thing to this bad is everyone seems to own one.
It was highly sought after when Oliver Palermo was seen with one. It is very likely you will bump in to another person with this bag when you are out. But, I still love it nonetheless.

Link here! £79.99


Faye said...

really cute bag, looks quite strong as well, as i cover the whole world in my bag lol

hassan mir said...

what a great post and blogg....keeP It UpPpPppPp

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