November 07, 2011

Christmas/birthday wish list 2011

I had a request for a Christmas wish list on my Formspring, so I thought I'd do a small list of beauty/skincare products that have caught my eye!

Benefit creaseless cream eye shadow, from Benefit counters - £14
I love ALL the colours!

MAC "Shimmermint" mineralize eye shadow, from MAC counters/website - £16.50

NARS Danmari all about cheeks palette, from NARS counters/website - £45

Lancome proven best of beauty set, from House of Fraser or Debenhams - £40

Deborah Lippman nail polishes, from House of Fraser or Debenhams - £14-18 each

Top left: Happy Birthday, top right: Across the Universe, bottom left: Boom Boom Pow, bottom right: Superstar

What will you be asking for this Christmas? :)


Dani said...

Omg. I want this NARS palette too! It is so expensive but a very good deal at the same time!

voulez-amour? said...

I want some Deborah Lippman too! ^_^

Grace said...

I need those nail varnishes. They look amazing. Your list is great! I should create one of these really. xx

lettyho said...

@Dani - It is VERY pricey! But, 6 NARS blushes in one palette sounds amazing. :)

@volez-amour - Let's hope some people get the hint, and we will receive some for xmas ;)

@Grace - Yes you definitely should. :)

ihiennguyen said...

Thats a big wish list! $$$$$.. See you want the Lancom gift set, I wanna try the Lancome Visionnaire & Genifique! But its so pricey.. Probs will get it eventually.. Hopefully the gift sets goes on sale on boxing day =DD