October 17, 2011

Instagram love part 2 ♡

I got a request for an winter lookbook - but I usually post my outfits on Instagram anyway -so add me on there! :)


Dani said...

I love your outfit on the third picture down! Cute skirt.

Annabellacinderella said...

Haha your cat is brilliant :) x

lettyho said...

@Dani - Thank you!

@Annabellacinderella - Isn't he just! He's the cutest!

♥ Sarah ♥ said...

Omg! You go to Kingston too?! I just graduated from there! lol I was thinking you looked familiar, it's nice to know there was someone else at uni who shares the same passion for makeup and fashion as me :) Love the Lita's!

Good luck in your final year, I know it's intense but you can do it! :)

Sarah xoxo