September 28, 2011

A mini shoe haul

New Look Lace Up Ankle Boots

I got these a while ago, and they only have size 7 left on the website. I'm sure they'll have more in stores. Although the wedge is small, they do hurt my feet even if I only wear them for a little while. But, beauty is pain -and I will bear the pain!



Topshop Amie Wedged Boots

Purchased these from eBay because they are sold out in shops! I was going to get the black ones, but saw these taupe ones and fell in love! They are quite high, and the front remind me of Jeffrey Campbell Litas (oh I wish). They are really easy to walk in though!

Won bid for £44

Topshop Motown Suede Ballet Pumps in Oxblood

It was the student 20% off on the Topshop website and I got these pumps and the ones below. Just casual pumps for everyday. I really like this colour this season "oxblood" love it!



Topshop Vectra Studded Slippers

I have been craving something like Sam Edelman's "Adena" or Christian Louboutin's "Rollerball" loafers ever since I saw them.

So when I laid my eyes on these, they were mine immediately. I only checked the website again yesterday, but now they are sold out! They are called "slippers" and they feel just like that. I am IN LOVE with these. They make me smile just sitting there, and for £28 I need more!




Salha said...

I want studded loafers so badly!! :)

P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!

lettyho said...

You must get some!

:) x

Natalie Hattie tran said...

heyaa.. i love your wedge collections :) you should check office shoe .. they do the most amazing one heheh you can check out my fashion page

lettyho said...

@Natalie - I love office shoes too! Will need to take another look in there :) x

esion said...

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♥ Sarah ♥ said...

Love the shoe haul :) and SNAP! I just purchased the Vectra's a few days ago, I've been searching for them everywhere for ages and they were always sold out. Luckily, the TS in Knightsbridge re-stocked them last boyfriend hates them but I don't care, I love them :) You've inspired me to restart bloggin' again, maybe I'll do a post on my latest haul as well :)

Sarah xoxo