September 03, 2011

Chanel "Peridot"

Really hard to get the colour on camera! I saw this nail varnish on loads of blogs and didn't think it was anything special, and I didn't particularly want it! But I was in Boots one day, and I swatched it on one of my nails and had to buy. Maybe it was the lighting in the shop -it just made it sparkle on my nail!

It actually looks like Minx foils in my opinion. In the light and up close, it has lots of little glitters and looks like I've poured a metallic liquid onto my nails. From far away it looks like a metallic gold/green. I love it. It has a olive green tint to it but it's more gold than anything!


PS: I have been getting requests for a skin care and foundation routine on my Formspring since like June.. I do plan on doing them asap, but I'm half living at home and half at my uni home, so my products are all over the place! Once I settle down back at my uni home I will definitely be doing a post on them. Sorry about the wait, and thank you for being patient! :)

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