September 15, 2011

Andrea Fulerton X Chanel Peridot

I popped into Superdrug today to purchase Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in Water. She has recently become quite popular with her "Colour Layering System".

"Layer the 2 varnishes and create a 3rd colour or effect. Or simply wear alone."

So the nail polish comes with two colours on top of each other, you apply the first coat of one of the shades, then apply the second when they have dried.

I have just newly painted my nails with Chanel's Peridot but, being the impatient and over excited person I am, I wanted to try my new purchase.

Chanel Peridot on it's own

I layered the glittery top coat colour on to my Chanel Peridot, and I actually really like the outcome:

The glitter has tiny blue reflexes, and it looks beautiful against the gold/green in Peridot.

Here are the swatches of what Petrol in Water is supposed to be like:

I will post real swatches when I put it on my actual nails - but I love it already! I tried my hardest to get the true colour of the polishes, but it was really hard.

I think you can just purchase the top coat on it's own, I'll definitely be trying more Andrea Fulerton products.

You can buy here Superdrug - £7.99

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