September 29, 2011

5 min chocolate mug cake!

SO I saw this recipe on someone's Tumblr (I'm sorry I can't remember who!) But, I decided to try it out one night. Ever since, my boyfriend bugs me to make it for him every night.

It's super easy, and pretty tasty too. He likes to eat his with whipped cream, I liked it with custard! But, you can add whatever you fancy to your mug cake. :)

What you'll need:

4 tablespoons self-raising flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder (I just used hot chocolate powder)
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons olive/vegetable oil
2 tablespoons of nutella
1 large mug

How to make it:

So what I do is put the flour, sugar and cocoa powder in first then mix it all up.

Then I add the egg, milk and oil to the mixture and mix again.

Then I add the nutella, and yes you guessed it, MIX!

Put it in the microwave until it's firm and fluffy (mine takes about 3-4 mins) and your chocolate mug cake is ready! Add your own bits and bobs and you're ready to eat.



September 28, 2011

A mini shoe haul

New Look Lace Up Ankle Boots

I got these a while ago, and they only have size 7 left on the website. I'm sure they'll have more in stores. Although the wedge is small, they do hurt my feet even if I only wear them for a little while. But, beauty is pain -and I will bear the pain!



Topshop Amie Wedged Boots

Purchased these from eBay because they are sold out in shops! I was going to get the black ones, but saw these taupe ones and fell in love! They are quite high, and the front remind me of Jeffrey Campbell Litas (oh I wish). They are really easy to walk in though!

Won bid for £44

Topshop Motown Suede Ballet Pumps in Oxblood

It was the student 20% off on the Topshop website and I got these pumps and the ones below. Just casual pumps for everyday. I really like this colour this season "oxblood" love it!



Topshop Vectra Studded Slippers

I have been craving something like Sam Edelman's "Adena" or Christian Louboutin's "Rollerball" loafers ever since I saw them.

So when I laid my eyes on these, they were mine immediately. I only checked the website again yesterday, but now they are sold out! They are called "slippers" and they feel just like that. I am IN LOVE with these. They make me smile just sitting there, and for £28 I need more!



September 25, 2011

Injection of colour

Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in Water underneath.

From left to right: Barry M - Mint green / Barry M - Pale purple / Model's Own - Lemon meringue / Model's Own - Pastel pink / OPI - What's with the cattitude?

OPI - What's with the cattitude? / OPI - Lucky lucky lavender

My nails of the moment! Back to uni this week and I'm half looking forward to it, half not! I will have a foundation routine coming up soon!

Favourite palette of the moment: Sleek - Oh So Special
Next make up purchase: Chanel - Soleil Tan de Chanel

September 21, 2011

Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in Water

Applied extremely roughly, please excuse!

Love the colour!!

Link x

September 15, 2011

Andrea Fulerton X Chanel Peridot

I popped into Superdrug today to purchase Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in Water. She has recently become quite popular with her "Colour Layering System".

"Layer the 2 varnishes and create a 3rd colour or effect. Or simply wear alone."

So the nail polish comes with two colours on top of each other, you apply the first coat of one of the shades, then apply the second when they have dried.

I have just newly painted my nails with Chanel's Peridot but, being the impatient and over excited person I am, I wanted to try my new purchase.

Chanel Peridot on it's own

I layered the glittery top coat colour on to my Chanel Peridot, and I actually really like the outcome:

The glitter has tiny blue reflexes, and it looks beautiful against the gold/green in Peridot.

Here are the swatches of what Petrol in Water is supposed to be like:

I will post real swatches when I put it on my actual nails - but I love it already! I tried my hardest to get the true colour of the polishes, but it was really hard.

I think you can just purchase the top coat on it's own, I'll definitely be trying more Andrea Fulerton products.

You can buy here Superdrug - £7.99

My Skin Care Routine

SO the highly anticipated and highly requested skincare routine is finally here. I am so sorry that it has taken so long, but better late than never right?

Just a little background about my skin- I have combination skin, I get fairly oily on my forehead and sometimes on my cheeks. I also have dry patches around my nose quite often. I have a few acne scars which are scattered around my face too. But, I don't suffer from heavy break outs, I'll usually get the odd 1 or 2 spots around my time of the month.


I’ll wake up and wash my face with cold water. I don’t know why, but my mum has always told me to wash my face with cold water! I’ve read it tightens your skin, and can keep you looking young and wrinkle free (of course, this is just one of many processes you can try but may not actually work –I just do it because it wakes me up!)

After I washed my face, I’ll pat it down with a towel then I’ll use Olay’s Complete Care Day UV Fluid SPF 15. This is just something I picked up recently, as I needed a day moisturiser with SPF. As I don’t use a primer before my foundation, I tend to look for moisturisers which sink in the skin quickly, are light and definitely not greasy. This moisturiser is average; I’m trying to use it up at the moment as I want to purchase the Origin’s A Perfect World SPF 25, I’ve heard good reviews from my ultimate favourite guru Emyli
. I follow with a quick spritz of Evian Facial Spray and pat down with a tissue or my fingers.

Then I continue with my make-up routine.


Firstly, I take my make-up off with Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. This is cheap, great for sensitive eyes and effective. The area around my eyes are very sensitive, more so than the average Joe. I’ll saturate some product onto a cotton pad and remove my eye make-up. I have been lazy and I’ve tried to skip this step and just use a make-up wipe to remove my eye make-up, but as I wear false lashes pretty much daily, a make-up wipe doesn’t remove all the lash glue from my lashes. However, this product effortlessly removes all traces of make-up from my eyes.

I then use Johnson’s Daily Cleansing Wipes to remove the rest of my face make up. After, I use the Bioderma Senisbio H2O with a cotton pad and use this all over my face to remove the final traces of make-up. Sometimes, I just use the Bioderma to remove make-up from my whole face, but as it is quite pricey, I have been trying to use it carefully.

In the shower, I will dot blobs of
Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask over my face. I having been using this for about a year now, and make sure it is always in my bathroom. I use my Clarisonic PRO to massage the face wash into my face -I usually use it for 2 minutes. I’ll wash this off when I’m done.

When my face is nice and clean, I’ll spritz Evian Facial Spray all over my face as a toner. I give it a couple of minutes to absorb in to my skin then I’ll apply Olay’s Restoring Cream or Laneige Water Sleeping Pack all over, as my night moisturisers. To be honest, my day and night moisturisers change quite often. I haven’t found one that I really love and want to go back to. So the moisturisers in this are just the ones that I have been using recently.

For my eye cream I like to use Clinique All About Eyes, which I dab gently around my eye area, and let it absorb.

If I have any spots or I can feel any spots coming through I’ll use Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel where I’ll just dab some on to the areas I feel need it.


These are special treatments that I give my skin, I try to do one every other day.

I have a variety of sheet masks, which all have different benefits (moisturizing, rejuvenating, whitening etc.) and I just use which ever I feel my skin needs at the time. My favourite sheet masks are My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask, Hada Labo Whitening Mask (one in a blue shiny box, I can’t read anything on the packaging!) and the Olay Whitening Mask. I tend to stick with My Beauty Diary as Olay masks are quite expensive for one time use.

Please note: I do not aim for white skin, but I believe whitening masks give a brightening effect and they help lighten my acne scars and blemishes.

The face cleanser I use (Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask) can also be doubled as a clay mask. Sometimes before my shower I’ll put this over my face and let it harden before washing it off. Usually I do this when I feel my skin feels like it will break out. Another clay mask I use is Queen Helena’s Mint Julep Mask which again I use prior or during break outs. This is a HG for many people, as it is cheap and effective. Clay masks can be used to dry out spots so I like to use them to prevent break outs.

These are like sheet masks, but just for the eyes. I have dark circles, and my eyes can get quite dry sometimes so I like to use eye masks to hydrate and revitalise them. My favourite is O’slee Clear Spa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask.

To rid of those ugly blackheads! I’m sure everyone uses these, either strips or masks -they are peeled off and reveal the dirt that has been trapped inside the skin of your nose (quite disgusting really). I recently bought The Face Shop’s White Mud Nose Pack which I have wanted to get my hands on for over 2 years now! Unfortunately the UK doesn’t stock The Face Shop products, but luckily I found one of their stores in Thailand this year. I really do love this product, I don’t want to rant and rave too much as I know it is hard to get in the UK -but it is amazing. The nose strip I like to use are the Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

As I use the Clarisonic every day, I don’t exfoliate that often., but every 2 weeks or so I like to give my face a thorough exfoliation with Origin’s Modern Friction (usually followed by a sheet mask to take advantage of my dead skin being rid of!)

So that is my skin care routine. It seems long in writing, but really it only takes a few minutes of my day. I've tried to put links in, so you can find the products.

Hope you enjoyed! :)

September 03, 2011

Chanel "Peridot"

Really hard to get the colour on camera! I saw this nail varnish on loads of blogs and didn't think it was anything special, and I didn't particularly want it! But I was in Boots one day, and I swatched it on one of my nails and had to buy. Maybe it was the lighting in the shop -it just made it sparkle on my nail!

It actually looks like Minx foils in my opinion. In the light and up close, it has lots of little glitters and looks like I've poured a metallic liquid onto my nails. From far away it looks like a metallic gold/green. I love it. It has a olive green tint to it but it's more gold than anything!


PS: I have been getting requests for a skin care and foundation routine on my Formspring since like June.. I do plan on doing them asap, but I'm half living at home and half at my uni home, so my products are all over the place! Once I settle down back at my uni home I will definitely be doing a post on them. Sorry about the wait, and thank you for being patient! :)