May 20, 2011

Super cute Rabito iPhone 4 case!

My new iPhone 4 case! It's a big trend in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan right now. The "Rabito" case. The tail helps it to stand up and you can wind your headphones on the ears and tail too:

SO cute! The pom pom is just "stuck on" to the iphone -there's a little suction pad behind the pom pom and a hole in the case where the tail is meant to go -so it is removable (it does get a bit annoying).

I got it from ebay and the seller was fab, there was a free screen protector and Twilight stickers (I hate Twilight, but the thought was sweet). Took around 12 working days to receive (sent from Hong Kong).

Get yours here.

Sorry for the lack of posts. In the middle of exams and stuff at the moment, and sort of lost inspiration and motivation to blog. Hopefully I'll be blogging more soon.

Lots of love x


TzeYien89 said...

haha i jus got back from hk n i got a pink one from lady street! i do like it too!

Anonymous said...

Aww this is adorable!

Hemraj said...

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Mau Feitio said...

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