May 26, 2011

Favourites right now (part 2) ♡

1. L'occitane Hand Cream

(Bought from L'occitane)
I have always loved my Soap and Glory Hand Food, but over the last few months it doesn't seem to be moisturizing enough. Maybe my skin has become too use to the formula and it no longer makes my skin feel moisturized, I'm not sure. But, I thought I'd give this famous hand cream a try and I love it! I love how it smells, the consistency of it and most importantly how soft and moisturized my hands feel after using it. Only down side is the price, at £17.50 it's quite pricey for a hand cream!

2. Mac Naked Honey Skin Salve

(Bought from a blog sale, could try ebay)

I've had this for a while now and actually purchased it from a blog sale. At first I didn't really like the smell of it, but now I'm addicted to this stuff. I use to swear by Vaseline, but since using this I don't even touch that any more (I use the salve mainly on my lips). It is a little thicker than Vaseline overall, and that's probably why I like it -because it lasts longer and just leaves a really nice feeling on your lips. I'm now in love with the smell of it too! The worst thing is is that it was a limited edition item a while back, so when I run out I won't be able to repurchase. It has made me want to try other types of skin/lip salves though.

3. My Dry Skin Saviors

(All bought from Hong Kong)
A couple of weeks back I started to get patches of dry skin on my face. It was horrible, and I tried quite a few things to make it better. I even bought some E45 and Aqueous cream, but they didn't work for some reason. So when I was home for the weekend I was complaining to my mum, and she pulled out a load of SK-II samples for me to try. She seems to have accumulated a vast amount of SK-II samples from the excessive amounts she spends on the range! But anyway, she told me to wash my face and then use the Facial Treatment Essence with a cotton pad all over my face. Then to use Aqua Physics or Skin Signature on top. I alternated them depending on which one I felt like using. Within 2 days my skin was normal and soft again.

The creams are actually a dream, they feel so silky on your skin and sink in so nicely. Well, I would expect so considering a full pot of Skin Signature costs £123 and Facial Treatment Essence costing £92! (Aqua Physics isn't available in the UK -I don't think). Women in Hong Kong always talk about the Facial Treatment Essence, they call it the "Miracle Water". No wonder why my mum's skin is so soft and wrinkle free!

Anyway, I have stopped using the SK-II stuff because I don't want to waste them. So now in the evening I use the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I have been using this for a couple of years now, and I do like it. It is pretty moisturizing and keeps my skin smooth, but some nights it just doesn't feel rich enough -so I usually alternating this and another moisturizer for night times.

4. Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel

(Bought from Boots)
I don't break out often but sometimes I'll get the odd spot, or I can feel a spot forming. When that happens I use this clearing gel. It has a sort of fruity smell -which doesn't bother me but might bother some people. I'll dab a bit of this on the spot or area where the spot is forming and the next morning the spot has gone down! My boyfriend calls this the "miracle spot cream" lol!

5. Sleek Face Contour Kit

(Bought from Superdrug)
I've had this for a long time now and I've fallen back in love with it over the past couple of months. It's the perfect shade to contour my face with or just brushed over the face as a bronzer. I really like how the highlight shade is in the kit too. Although I don't use the highlighter much, when I do, it is effective in highlight the areas I want to highlight. I use the highlight more as an inner corner shadow to open up the eyes. (From what I remember this kit is cheap too!)

6. Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer

(Bought from Boots)
Love this as an under eye concealer! It's light, blends well and conceals like a dream! Sometimes I'll use this as a concealer on blemishes on my face, but I don't think it gives as good a coverage as my Mac Studio Finish Concealer.

7. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

(Bought from Boots)
When I first got this I didn't really like it. In the light you can see tiny little shimmers in the foundation.. But I started using this again, and I've come to love it. It's not cakey and blends nicely- I usually apply this with my fingers. I feel this gives a good coverage, but if I feel I want a more flawless finish I'll mix this with Revlon Colour Stay.

8. Instagram

(Bought from AppStore!)
Those with iPhones NEED to download this app. It edits photos and you can share with people with the app too. I am addicted! Follow me if you already have it: lettyho.

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