March 24, 2011

Feeling selfish, ignorant and useless....

Often we take things for granted, and we need that slap in the face to make us realize how lucky we really are. Sometimes we even need something to happen to remind us that we are not grateful for what we have.

Of course everyone thinks about themselves, and how we would love to have those Chanel handbags, and that amazing Lamborghini. Everyone does it, they wish for materialistic things and that luxurious lifestyle.

I, myself, am the first to admit I constantly wish for a luxurious lifestyle and think daily about the handbags I wish to pursue. But, with a slap back to reality I realized that, money really can’t buy happiness. It’s not because you “need to know where to shop” but to me happiness is in memories I make with people I love and care about. Happiness is being with those people, and knowing they are healthy and enjoying their lives.


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