February 20, 2011

Cleaning Louis Vuitton Handbags

White handbags are inevitably going to get dirty and stained. It's heartbreaking, but it is going to happen! So my latest LV is the white damier azur pattern and after taking it to Paris it became slightly stained from everyday wear and tear, and from the colour of my coat rubbing off on to it. So when I got back from Paris I tried to clean it.

You can see above where the stains are, it's a bit hard to see in pictures. But for the white leather I used a make up wipe to rub off the marks. I got this idea from my mum, who uses baby wipes to wipe our leather sofas and it works! But I don't have any baby wipes so just used make up wipes.

For the edges/rims of the bag I used a clean rubber and just rubbed away the dirt (the sales assistant at LV taught me this!) I keep a clean rubber in my bag now in case there's major marks that need removing quickly.

And voila! It's not going to be as good as new, but it helps to keep it from getting dirtier and keeps it lasting longer..

Here's the make up wipe used to wipe it. Dirty right!


Tiptoe21 said...

Your bag is so cute! I love LV bags. I should really use this trick to clean up my own purse.

May @ Rad said...

I really can't tell if my LV bag is dirty as it's in the damier ebene pattern. But this post is really helpful! I might just wipe it even if I can't see any stains just in case. :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Great tips! I don't own any Louis Vuitton bags, but for my purses...I find using club soda (bubbling) water helps as well. I wonder if it would work for yours as well? :)

lettyho said...

I will try that :) every little helps! x

rickywillson said...

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