February 16, 2011

Boyfriend tag [request from formspring]

Boyfriend tag with my boyfriend Donny.....

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
D- erm where to begin.. gossip girl..oth... pretty little liars.. jersey shore, dh..
L- yay you got them all right :)

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
D- she never orders a salad.. fatty foods ftw!
L- lol.. you make me sound fat.. and if we were to go pizza hut i would get thousand island sauce...

Whats one food she doesnt like?

D- parsley
L- that's not food.. that's like a herb -.- i don't eat meat on

You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
D- water or diet coke or sprite

What size shoe does she wear?
D- depends really but 5 is the usual size

If she was collecting anything what would it be?
D- MONEY! or make up? perfumes? if she was rich then cars!

What is her favorite type of sandwich?
D- chicken? always eat chicken..

What would this person eat everyday if she could?
D- her dads take away food (salt n chilly chips) or my dads special fried rice and curry

What is her favorite cereal?
D- special k? coco pops?

What's her fave music?
D- she listens to a bit of everything, whatever pleases her ear

What's her fave sports team?
L- ew no. i don't have a favourite sports team..

who's her best friend?
D- she doesn’t really have one but i'd say christine or bonnie

what is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?
D- play so many video games

What's her eye color?
D- brown? last time i checked it was

whats her heritage/where she's from?
D- Hong Kong
L- i am not from hong kong you retard.. i was born in england. WRONG! parents are from hong kong.

you bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake?
D- A pretty one with strawberries on and lots of cream! It has to be pretty though.. or cute… preferably both!

did she play any sports?
D- LOL does extreme sleeping count as a sport? Or extreme shopping?
L- i played rounders at school actually......

what could she spend hours doing?
D- sleeping, eating, doing make up, tumblring, shopping…

what is one unique talent she has?
D- erm… taking forever to get ready? LOL. She doesn’t really have a talent…

where did you first meet?
D- Hi5!

where was your first kiss?
D- Liverpool

did you know she was the one?
D- Not really no

when did you meet the family?
D- Her 20th birthday

do you have a tradition?
D- Erm always writing ‘love you’ at the end of texts? Unless we are annoyed with each other
when was your first road trip?
D- TO LIVERPOOOOOL. Like 2 years ago?

who said I love you first and where were you?
D- I don’t know…. It was a long time ago!

what do you argue about the most?
D- girls

who wears the pants in the relationship?
D- Me.
L- you wish.

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