January 05, 2011

Handbags I WILL own before I'm 30

I have a massive love for designer handbags, which probably stemmed from my Mother. Some people think it's pointless spending so much money on a label, but I love the idea of it. Yes you are paying for the brand, but the handbag you pay for will last you for so long, or forever. My Mother has some Louis Vuitton bags that are 20 years old, and still usable.

Some people think it's materialistic spending months wages on something that you could probably get for cheaper somewhere else, but what makes you happy makes you happy -and handbags certainly make me very happy.

Hermes birkin bag -

Louis Vuitton Solar -

Louis Vuitton Alma MM -

Chanel large flap bag - (unsure if I prefer it in silver or gold)

Chanel large shopping bag -

Balenciaga giant city rose gold -



sparkles said...

My favourites are the balenciaga and Chanel bags :) so classy!

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I really want a Chanel 2.55 and a Mulberry Alexa in purple. Sigh!

Michelle said...

I am lusting over that Chanel flap!

lettyho said...

sparkles - yes, classy bags are timeless. :)

lucy - ohh mulberry alexa is a good one too. i liked the one with like a leopard print over it (sounds gross but it's gorgeous!)

michelle - i think every sane girl is. :(