January 18, 2011

Day seven

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

(Pic taken from someone on tumblr)

It's 3am, and I'm procrastinating! I have an exam in 6 and a half hours! What am I doing?!

Anyway. My dream wedding.. I've always had an idea of my dream wedding to be a fully Chinese wedding.. (I've always assumed I'd marry a Chinese man). I would want the whole Chinese ceremony of the groom and his boys coming over to my house where the girls will have to challenge them to come in, and ask for money etc. I've never seen myself to get married in a church, because I'm not religious.. But I do like the idea of walking down an aisle. I've always said I want 5 dresses on my wedding.. A traditional Chinese red dress, where I'd have gold bracelets/bangles up my arms and a proper wedding dress.. And 3 changes throughout the night! I've always wanted a big wedding! Lots of photos, food, pretty dresses and jewellery.

My wedding will be the best wedding in the world.. (Just need a rich man to provide this for me!) Oh and the engagement ring will have to be amazing.

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