December 14, 2010

Current make up set up

Got a message on tumblr from someone asking to see my make up collection on blogspot.. I really don't have a lot of make up.. So I just thought I'd take a pic of the set up for my make up, palettes, brushes, perfumes and nail varnishes etc..


December 01, 2010

Favourites right now (part 1)

1. Mac stereo mineralize skinfinish

I keep going for this out of all my blushes right now. Maybe because my skin looks a lot lighter now it's winter, and the stereo rose comes out like a peachy shimmery coral colour and just looks really nice and keeps me from looking like a dead corpse.

2. Soap and glory hand food

This is my saviour! I hate how dry my cuticles can get in the winter, and this makes my hands super smooth. You just need a tiny amount and my hands don't feel all stiff and cracked any more. I have a mini one in my handbag too!

3. Shower comb

Well it's called a shower comb, but because I have really long hair.. After washing it, it gets all tangled up. So I use this comb to comb it through before I dry it.. It takes a while though cos I have so much hair! But more useful than a normal brush, and less painful.

4. Mac sable eyeshadow

My all time favourite eyeshadow. I have been neglecting it lately because I have been using the Urban decay naked palette constantly.. But I have fallen back in love with this again! All over the lid on it's own, or blended out with another shade -either way I love it.

5. Mioggi hex perfector BB cream

I got this from Hong kong in the summer, and I have been trying to salvage it as I probably won't be able to get my hands on it again anytime soon. It's the best BB cream I've used.. It's light, but the coverage is good and it's not greasy at all. As it has been soo cold, I have been using this alot because it hydrates my skin. I believe it's the best BB cream ever!

6. Botanics eye make up remover

Cheap. Quick. Easy. Does what it says.

7. Embryolisse lait-creme concetre

This is soo hydrating. It feels a little greasy when you first put it on, but after you let it soak in for a few minutes my skin feels soo smooth. I been getting a lot of dry skin lately, so I smother my face in this before I sleep and my dry skin is a lot better in the mornings.

8. Forever21 clover necklace

I have a big obsession with four-leaved clovers, and I've always wanted one like Carrie's in Sex and the city 2. My boyfriend bought me this one online, and it was on sale! I can't remember how much it was but I think it was only like £4. I love it!