November 20, 2010

ELF powder brush

(Sorry it's a little dirty lol)

Anyway, this is the ELF powder brush and I am so so so so SO in love with it. It has a flat top, I use it with my liquid foundation, and it works like a dream. It works how I expected the Mac 188 to work (I was disappointed with how the Mac 188 worked with foundation -streaky).

I put a little bit of foundation on the back of my hand, dab the brush in lightly then buff it on to my face and it blends beautifully.

The only problem would be it's a b***h to wash because it's pretty dense -but it doesn't have any shedding of hairs (amazing). The best thing about
this brush is it costs only £3.50. Out of all my brushes it is the cheapest but also my favourite. I really want to try the flat top Sigma brushes now because this has worked so well.


November 18, 2010

Topshop armour ring = LOVE

It's really unusual but I have been wanting an armour ring like this for a while. The first one I saw was in Topshop in Westfield, but they only had medium and large sizes left.

Then this one came out recently and my flatmate showed me the link and it is now mine! It sold out within a few days online (I checked every now and then).

The detailing is beautiful, although it's not everyone's style.. I adore it.

Topshop - £14.

November 14, 2010

OOTD: winter is here

Scarf - River island
Top - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop
Leggings - H&m
Boots - New look
Bag - Hong kong!

Christmas/birthday wish list :)

Long time no blog! :)

Anyway, it's coming up to Christmas and my birthday and around this time I always do a ''wish list'' (usually on xanga, but this year on here!) Here are some things I'm lusting after.... :)

Bailey button Uggs in chesnut
Size W6?

Topshop cardi
Size 8

Topshop jumper
Size 8

YSL 'arty' ring - in turquoise or pink!
£115 from or selfridges

Fur coat
£45 from new look
Size 8 or 10

Michael kors rose gold watch
£200 from anywhere!

Clarasonic classic
£150 - or
I want the pink one :(

House of harlow ring
£49 from
Size small

Heart earring holder
£12 from

Of course any make up, accessories, jewellery, clothes, shoes are welcome. I like everything and anything :D

Though for my birthday I'd like something sentimental that I can have forever to remember. :)