July 11, 2010


LOVING this colour right now! Cheap and summery x


Kim said...

I like it, is it similar to china glaze for aubrey?

lettyho said...

@Kim - i don't have china glaze for aubrey, though i'd love to get my hands on it! it is very similar to chanel's nouvelle vague - the same sort of 'tiffany blue' :) x

Mystery Bruises said...

i love all of your nail experiments they are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

such great inspiration, keep it up!
i'm loving your blog and i'm a huge fan
thanks so much for sharing!


lettyho said...

@Mystery Bruises and @CMA - Thanks, that means a lot. Glad you enjoy my posts :) x

Bonnie said...

i want something similar to this colour too!! love it

xx Bonnie

3ate4 said...

Lovely and summery!

M. and O. said...

We adore the nail vernish, really nice color

Kisses from France. olivia & mariam


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..R May A.. said...

I love that colour!
it's just so pretty and summery :)