May 07, 2010

You can never have too many nail varnishes...

These beautiful bottles of colour came out today.. I asked the lady at the Chanel counter last month whether there would be a waiting list, and she told me just to come in on May 7th and there should still be some in stock because a waiting list is unfair. So bright and early this morning I went to the Chanel counter with my mind set that I'd only be buying two bottles of Nouvelle Vague (one to sell on ebay). Being as weak as I am, I ended up buying all three colours (and an extra for ebay). Whilst driving home, I kept saying to myself that I should sell them as a set on ebay instead of just Nouvelle Vague on it's own. But, I cannot bear to part with them!!!

Riviera is not really a special colour, and it would be easy to find a dupe for the raspberry pink.

Mistral is actually a really really pretty colour. It's like a baby pink with tiny bits of glitter in it. I really like this colour (though I've not tried it on my nails yet) it just looks different to any other baby pinks I've seen.

Nouvelle Vague - the one that everyone has been waiting for - is a gorgeous colour. It has a sort of sheen to it, but at the same time looks very matte and opaque. It reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. blue and when I put them next to each other, they are very similar!

Anyway, if you like the Nouvelle Vague I suggest you go get it NOW, I can imagine it to sell very very quickly..

Have a nice weekend :)

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