May 24, 2010

SUMMER is here!..

.....well, it was for this weekend! I enjoyed the sunshine, at work mostly, but could still feel summery with my hairdo my sisters did for me. I always get my second sister, Sally (, to plait my hair because she's obsessed with plaits and my first sister, Bonnie, to curl my hair because she's good at it! (Eventhough they are both younger than me!)

At first Sally did one plait in my hair, so it's sort of like one side of my hair is behind my ear..

From the back..

From the side..

Then, she added another one to the other side and messily clipped it back..

I loved it. It kept my hair out of my face and was just a summery hair style. I couldn't do it myself though, bit fiddly for me.

On Sunday I sunbathed in my garden. It was like 26 degrees, and scorching. I put SPF 50 on my face but nothing on my body because, as bad as it sounds, usually I don't burn in UK sun and I rarely burn abroad.

BAD idea, I came back inside after around 2 hours and I was burnt. My legs are burnt as well but the worst part is my top..

Let this be a lesson for you all:


I am regretting it like hell because I look like a tomato. It's awful. I'm putting on after sun every 10 minutes in hope I don't peel and it turns brown really quickly.

Enjoy the lovely weather everyone. :)


christinefong said...

OMG! That loooks painful Letty!

Becky♥ said...

Oh No:( The same thing happened to me last year, i'll never do it again! I was out with my friends in the sun for about 4 hours. and i looked like a life sized tomato.. badtimes. This year im wearing suncream! X