May 19, 2010

NOTD: Nouvelle Vague

As you can see my beautifully conditioned nails are now gone! I had acrylics on for about 3 weeks and I had them removed today - I am now left with short, bumpy and brittle nails :(

Anyway, I have been waiting for ages to try Chanel's Nouvelle Vague on myself and with the lovely warm weather today, I believed today was the day. The colour went on pretty smoothly but I felt as though it was a little thick, I still needed two coats for the colour to be smoother though. There's a really nice creamy shimmer running through the turquoise and I can say I really like this colour. I didn't want to try it on my long-ish acrylic nails because I think this colour looks nicer on shorter nails.

Overall, it's a perfect colour for summer time. :)

1 comment:

doraemi_dee said...

I ♥ this colour! I love it when you update :D makes me tempted to buy everything though.. meh.