May 11, 2010

Chanel Vs. Eyeko

Chanel's Particuliere and Eyeko's Posh Polish......

.... Pretty damn similar right?!

I bought the Chanel polish a while back now, and I have loved it ever since. I know once I finish the bottle I probably won't be able to get another one.. So I have limited the usage of it to a minimum. I saw Eyeko's Posh Polish on lollipop26's blog and had to have it, becase from her swatches it looked identical to Particuliere.

So I placed an order of 2 bottles (yes greedy I know, but they are really small bottles)..

(With flash)
Can you tell the difference? - left to right: Particuliere, Posh Polish, Particuliere, Posh Polish.
With a flash it's obvious that Particuliere is a little bit darker, and Posh Polish looks lighter and creamier.

(Without flash) left to right: Posh Polish, Particuliere
Look pretty much the same without the flash!

(With flash) left to right: Posh Polish, Particuliere

Considering I bought Particuliere off ebay for £30 and one bottle of Posh Polish for just £3.50 (plus free shipping!) it's pretty worth it to me. Looking at the pictures now I actually prefer Eyeko's dupe! So if you couldn't get your hands on the Particuliere you now have another chance. :)

I was just on the Barry M website, and noticed they have this new shade: (

It's called Mushroom, and looks just like the taupe-y, brown, mushroom colour that is so popular right now - another cheap alternative to Particuliere! It's apparently in stores from 12th May and available online now!


Tiptoe21 said...

I normally don't like neutral colors on my nails, but this shade looks gorgeous. Hm..maybe i'll get the eyeko one. thanks for the review!

Suyinsays said...

thanks for your lovely comment, i love this colour! and your nails are really nice too, wish mine could grow longer :(
lots of love from your latest follower

cupcake_couture said...

I love this colour! And aren't your nails just wonderful!

Aru said...

I've got Mushroom and it's VERY similar to Chanel's particuliere =)