May 29, 2010

My First OOTD

Denim jacket - New look
Scarf - H&M
Tunic dress - H&M
Heart tights - Miss Selfridge
Pumps - Topshop
Bag - Zara

It was a lovely warm but windy day yesterday. I had to go to work though, and this was the outfit I had on. I'm in love with my cropped denim jacket, and want another one- possibly in a lighter colour.


May 24, 2010

SUMMER is here!..

.....well, it was for this weekend! I enjoyed the sunshine, at work mostly, but could still feel summery with my hairdo my sisters did for me. I always get my second sister, Sally (, to plait my hair because she's obsessed with plaits and my first sister, Bonnie, to curl my hair because she's good at it! (Eventhough they are both younger than me!)

At first Sally did one plait in my hair, so it's sort of like one side of my hair is behind my ear..

From the back..

From the side..

Then, she added another one to the other side and messily clipped it back..

I loved it. It kept my hair out of my face and was just a summery hair style. I couldn't do it myself though, bit fiddly for me.

On Sunday I sunbathed in my garden. It was like 26 degrees, and scorching. I put SPF 50 on my face but nothing on my body because, as bad as it sounds, usually I don't burn in UK sun and I rarely burn abroad.

BAD idea, I came back inside after around 2 hours and I was burnt. My legs are burnt as well but the worst part is my top..

Let this be a lesson for you all:


I am regretting it like hell because I look like a tomato. It's awful. I'm putting on after sun every 10 minutes in hope I don't peel and it turns brown really quickly.

Enjoy the lovely weather everyone. :)

May 19, 2010

NOTD: Nouvelle Vague

As you can see my beautifully conditioned nails are now gone! I had acrylics on for about 3 weeks and I had them removed today - I am now left with short, bumpy and brittle nails :(

Anyway, I have been waiting for ages to try Chanel's Nouvelle Vague on myself and with the lovely warm weather today, I believed today was the day. The colour went on pretty smoothly but I felt as though it was a little thick, I still needed two coats for the colour to be smoother though. There's a really nice creamy shimmer running through the turquoise and I can say I really like this colour. I didn't want to try it on my long-ish acrylic nails because I think this colour looks nicer on shorter nails.

Overall, it's a perfect colour for summer time. :)

May 18, 2010


Giorgio armani lasting silk UV foundation - No. 5
Mac select sheer/loose - NC30
YSL touche eclat - No. 2
Beauty tech ice cream concealer - B03
Nars laguna bronzer
Sleek face contour kit highlight powder
Mac well dressed blusher

Models own black eyeliner
Mac painterly paint pot
Mac satin taupe eyeshadow (all over lid)
Mac beauty marked eyeshadow (outer corners of lid and on lower lash line)
Mac ricepaper eyeshadow (highlight brow bone)
Mac blacktrack fluidline
Majorlica majorca mascara
Mister mascara half lashes false lashes (corner lashes)

Mac hue lipstick

May 11, 2010

Chanel Vs. Eyeko

Chanel's Particuliere and Eyeko's Posh Polish......

.... Pretty damn similar right?!

I bought the Chanel polish a while back now, and I have loved it ever since. I know once I finish the bottle I probably won't be able to get another one.. So I have limited the usage of it to a minimum. I saw Eyeko's Posh Polish on lollipop26's blog and had to have it, becase from her swatches it looked identical to Particuliere.

So I placed an order of 2 bottles (yes greedy I know, but they are really small bottles)..

(With flash)
Can you tell the difference? - left to right: Particuliere, Posh Polish, Particuliere, Posh Polish.
With a flash it's obvious that Particuliere is a little bit darker, and Posh Polish looks lighter and creamier.

(Without flash) left to right: Posh Polish, Particuliere
Look pretty much the same without the flash!

(With flash) left to right: Posh Polish, Particuliere

Considering I bought Particuliere off ebay for £30 and one bottle of Posh Polish for just £3.50 (plus free shipping!) it's pretty worth it to me. Looking at the pictures now I actually prefer Eyeko's dupe! So if you couldn't get your hands on the Particuliere you now have another chance. :)

I was just on the Barry M website, and noticed they have this new shade: (

It's called Mushroom, and looks just like the taupe-y, brown, mushroom colour that is so popular right now - another cheap alternative to Particuliere! It's apparently in stores from 12th May and available online now!

May 09, 2010

Tiffany Love

Doesn't the Tiffany blue boxes just make you excited? Definitely makes me excited! :) Few weeks ago my boyfriend treated me to couple of things at Tiffany & Co.

(Excuse my hair that has decided to position itself in the picture!) This is the necklace he got me, SO cute! I'm pretty bad at keeping my jewellery in good condition though (as you can tell with the scratches) but I really love this little pendant.

He also bought me the ''I love you'' ring to match. The other diamond ring is also from Tiffany & Co. but he bought me that sometime last year. I think they look good together, and I hardly take the rings off.

Just thought I'd post something that WASN'T to do with nail varnishes!

May 07, 2010

You can never have too many nail varnishes...

These beautiful bottles of colour came out today.. I asked the lady at the Chanel counter last month whether there would be a waiting list, and she told me just to come in on May 7th and there should still be some in stock because a waiting list is unfair. So bright and early this morning I went to the Chanel counter with my mind set that I'd only be buying two bottles of Nouvelle Vague (one to sell on ebay). Being as weak as I am, I ended up buying all three colours (and an extra for ebay). Whilst driving home, I kept saying to myself that I should sell them as a set on ebay instead of just Nouvelle Vague on it's own. But, I cannot bear to part with them!!!

Riviera is not really a special colour, and it would be easy to find a dupe for the raspberry pink.

Mistral is actually a really really pretty colour. It's like a baby pink with tiny bits of glitter in it. I really like this colour (though I've not tried it on my nails yet) it just looks different to any other baby pinks I've seen.

Nouvelle Vague - the one that everyone has been waiting for - is a gorgeous colour. It has a sort of sheen to it, but at the same time looks very matte and opaque. It reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. blue and when I put them next to each other, they are very similar!

Anyway, if you like the Nouvelle Vague I suggest you go get it NOW, I can imagine it to sell very very quickly..

Have a nice weekend :)