April 27, 2010

A Little Nail Varnish Haul

I went to a little nail supply shop and picked up a few polishes :)

(Left to right)
Opi - Parlez-vous opi? and A grape fit!
China Glaze - Rosita

Essie - Guchi Muchi Puchi

Also bought these little nail art polishes.. Pink, white and silver glitter

This is the brush.. Thin - good for dotting, drawing or doing tips etc :)

I painted the nail varnishes over my acrylic nails, so they look a bit thick! Just a warning.. :)

Essie - Guchi muchi puchi and my favourite hand cream of all time!

China Glaze - Rosaita

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Babii-monkii =) said...

:O that pink is gorgeous!! Nice. x