March 31, 2010

My Breakout Saviours

Body shop tea tree skin clearing toner - £4.50.
Neutrogena's visibly clear cleanser/mask from Boots - £3.79.

I had a few breakouts a couple of weeks ago and decided to purchase these two products.

How I use the product:
I take my makeup off and then use the Neutrogena cleanser to cleanse my face. You can use this as a daily cleanser as well as a mask, so once a week I'll use this as a mask and leave it on my face for about 5 minutes.

After cleansing my face I'll saturate some of the toner onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. (You have to shake the bottle to activate the toner.) This gets rid of any remaining impurities, and includes tea tree oil which is used as an anti-bacterial substances and helps kill the bacteria that could result to spots.

My verdict:
Neutrogena cleanser/mask: It has quite a strong smell to it - which I don't really find unpleasant, just a bit strong sometimes. When you wash the product off, it leaves your skin feeling quite tingly and super smooth, which I really like! It makes your skin feel clean without feeling OVER clean and dried out. But, it's quite thick and ''mask like'' so you have to make sure you wash it off properly.

Body shop toner: The toner also leaves my face feeling tingly, but I quite like the feeling as I feel like the product is working! The smell is ok, just smells like tea tree.

Both products are really cheap!

I've been using these two products everyday for about 2 weeks and I haven't had any breakouts or the odd spot since. I don't get many spots anyway, just the odd one or two every month and sometimes I'll have small bumps on my skin which I hate. But, I would rather prevent spots before I do get any rather than try to cure it when I have them. I would really recommend either of these products for anyone who gets spots, because they really work well.

Oh, I went back home for the weekend and I didn't take my cleanser, and I could feel myself getting a spot near my nose! I don't know if this was a coincidence or if the cleanser really does prevent spots that well. Either way, I will be using these for a while now.

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