February 07, 2010

Models Own

(Purple Grey, Top Turquoise, Beth's Blue, Lemon Meringue, Pastel Pink, Tickled Pink)

Sorry about the crap quality of the photo, I had to use my iPhone because my sister has taken my camera.

Anyway, I've seen these nail varnishes in River Island, magazines and on ASOS. But I always find that in River Island there's not enough colours to choose from - there's only a selected few. I browsed the Models Own website (
www.modelsownit.com) and was surprised at how many colours were available (77 to be precise)- so I had to make an order. On the website you can buy 5 nail varnish and save £3 (£4 per varnish) or buy 5 and save £7 (£3.60 per varnish) which I thought was pretty cheap! Also, on your first purchase you get a free buffer worth £5.

I really love the colours I chose - I've tried 4 so far and they all come out really smoothly with no streaks. Two coats of the colour is all you need for the colour to look bold and pigmented.

I don't usually go for colours like blues and yellows, but since trying them I really like them! Just makes a neutral coloured outfit less boring.

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christinefong said...

wow, that's cheap for decent nail varnish like that :) i'm gonna check out the website now and make an order too ;P xx