February 24, 2010

Hong Kong Goodies

My younger sister and parents went to HK for chinese new year, and I wrote them a little list of things I wanted. (I would have much rather went myself though!)

Here are some of things they bought back for me:

Magazines of course! I can't read much chinese, but I like to look at the pictures lol.

I've tried this brand of masks before, and I thought they were really good quality even though they're cheap (I think). I don't want to be white, I prefer tanned skin.. but I want brighter skin.

My lolli lolli ooo lollipop - yes my LG lollipop I wanted to use for another sim card.

Velcro clips!

I've read lots about this BeautyTech ice-cream concealer, and wanted to try it. I used it once today and it's like a moussey texture with amazing coverage - so far so good!

Also heard about this exfoliator, it's apparently a number one best seller and I took a look at the website and it says 1 bottle is sold every 20 seconds! I heard about this product first from Bubzbeauty.

Laneige foundation - the top is a brightener.

Laneige multi cleanser and water sleeping pack.. I've used both of these before and I loved them so repurchase!

Missha BB cream.

Hair remover springy thing and a facial cleansing pad.

My sister also got me more Majorlica Majorca mascaras and false lashes, but I forgot to take pictures of them and I'm too lazy to do it!

Can't wait to try these things! ^__^

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Schnella said...

Oh you got a lot of goodies(:
Looks great! xx