January 15, 2010

OPI Drip Dry

I paint my nails at least once a week, and although I love painting them I am really bad at sitting patiently and waiting for them dry. This often leads to me fidgeting and smudging my nails and having to do them all over again.

I finally purchased the OPI Drip Dry Drying Drops (wow, alliteration) and tested them on my nails today. At first I was a little skeptical as the instructions claimed nails would be dry to touch in 60 seconds and completely dry in 5 minutes or less. I applied 4 coats (base, two coats of colour, top coat) and then dropped 1-2 drops on to each nail. I waited around 60 seconds and oh my god I was amazed - my nails were actually ''dry to touch'' then after 5 or so minutes they were perfectly dry and not a smudge in sight.

A total must have for anyone who paints their nails regularly! Although it's a fairly small bottle for £13.50 I will definitely re-purchase when I run out. Also the drops contain Jojoba and Vitamin E soothing and moisturising your cuticles whilst working it's magic, what a bonus!

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