January 22, 2010

Make-Up Table

I finally have my own make-up table! And, finished organising it yesterday/today. ^__^

(Excuse the gross curtains, they are the landlady's!)


Jessica Ly said...

love it, you are so very organized!shame I can't say the same about myself though haha. Been intending to organize my make-up forever, think you may have just inspired me to!hehe x

Shannon said...

Love it(: Its so much bigger than mine! Jealous haha
It's so cute and organized(:
xoxo S

kyleung said...

Im just passing by and I'm in love with your blog.
btw, you are very organized. very unlike my makeup table.lol

I just created a blog 2 days ago.
sharing beauty tips online is FUN.
feel free to visit and comment on my site:-)

soooali said...

You're so organised. You need to come organise me!


lene said...

I like how you placed your palettes.. what is that thing?

lene said...

Paper holder.. never seen those before, but thank you :)

きよみ said...
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