January 20, 2010

Mac Spring Colour Forecast Collection

I came across some pictures of the Spring 2010 collection for Mac, and thought I'd share some pictures with you. There's going to be four mini collections in the whole collection - meaning a lot of products! I'm just going to show you the products that I'm looking forward to seeing/buying. :)

Eyeshadow Quad:

Blush Ombre - Vintage Grape:

Blush Ombre - Ripe Peach:

Lipsticks - Colour Me Coral, Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden, Victorian:

Nail Lacquers - Abalone Shell, Imperial Splendour, Malibu Peach, Galore Pink:

Crushed Metal Pigments, Stacked:

Colours are gorgeous right?! I'm loving the nail lacquers, perfect for spring/summer time. I find that if you like a nail lacquer by Mac you should buy it straight away - well the ones within the limited edition collection - because they sell out SO quickly and you'll regret not buying for the rest of your life! (Personal bad experience with Mac's Cool Reserve that I never got the chance to have >__<).

There are alot more products, but I'm not going to put them all here. Anyway, early March and we'll be able to get our hands on some of these babies!

Information and pictures from: http://www.temptalia.com/

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SuperMariposa said...

I love these collections, but it was sooo cruel of MAC to release them all at the same time! It only came out in the UK today and one of the blush ombres is already sold out! its crazy! xx